Business and Investment Education

The concept of iBlinks was founded in 2003 but wasn’t established until 2006. Birth from creativity iBlinks today continues to build on it rich history and continues to manufacture successful business partnerships today.

iBlinks is unique in the way it does business. It has the passion to present your business to your segment market to the achieve your desired outcome.

Generally, this should translate to more time, and more money. To consider if the iBlinks team is right for you review whether you have made the following statements to find the grass isn’t so green on the other side;

“I got into business to have more time with the family”
“I got into business to make more money”
“I got into business because I can do it better than the boss”
“I got into business because I saw a niche market”

If these were some of your career changing thoughts then the iBlinks team is right for you. Be accountable with a team of professionals who will work on or with your back office while you keep doing the thing your good at, what ever that may be, delivering a service or product or opening doors for new customers and clients. Be focused and disciplined is a quality of success.

The iBlinks team are great with startups, however, we have one condition. Commitment. Statistics show a high percent of businesses and investments (more on our definition of investment, later) will fall over in the first 2 years of commitment. Though our experience we have noticed a high number of potential great entrepreneur fall over before they even get a chance to launch their idea.

iBlinks will present to you case studies to generally point you in the right direction, however to obtain the specific success you want for your business, we require you to fully committed and passionate about your business.

iBlinks will collate information from around the world to enable you to build your investment knowledge base. For time to time iBlinks will generate it own article but iBlinks believes in teaching you how to source the information for yourself via the the original authors. Being a successfully investor takes the same how know and courage as a business owner. The only difference is you are using a different vehicle to get to your destination.

Investing is easy when yo have the right team around you who want to grow your capacity. iBlinks is an information and education based enterprise who enable you to discover a more successful you.

Make a decision to be successful today. Start building your business and investment knowledge with us and begin your journey.